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Papa Vinashini Teerth / Papnash Shiva Temple at Bidar,Karnataka mentioned in Adhyay 50 of Shri Guru Charitra.

Papa Vinashini Teerth / Papnash Shiva Temple :

Papa Vinashini Teerth / Papnash Temple at Bidar

Shiva Lingam at Papa Vinashini Teerth / Papnash Temple
Papnash Shiva Temple is situated in Bidar district in North-east Karnataka. It is believed that the Shiva Linga idol in this temple is one of those installed by Lord Rama during the time of his journey back from Lanka. A natural spring flows into a pond in front of the temple called Papnasha which means destruction of sins.

Every year, during Shivratri festival lots of tourists visit Papnash Shiva Temple. At the ruins an ancient Shiva Temple along with a New Temple has been built on the slops of the hill. The location of the temple in a valley is mesmerising to the eyes. At the foot of the temple is a cistern measuring 16 ft by 14 ft. The cistern is continuously fed by the natural spring and towards the north there is small tank which is said to be built during Lord Rama s times.

It gets very crowded during Shivaratri celebrations. In the sanctum, there is a big Shiva Linga. In the temple complex, there are three other Shiva Lingas. These Shiva Lingas can be touched by devotees, and they can directly offer pujas to them.

Papnash means destroyer of sins. It is believed that a visit to this temple and a dip in the Papnash pond will destroy all the sins committed by a person. For this reason alone, this temple attracts a large number of pilgrims

How to Get to Papnash Shiva Temple:

The Papnash Shiva Temple is located near the Bidar-Udgir Road. There is a bus station about two kilometers away which is connected to Bidar city from where other transport options can be taken.

Papa Vinashini Teerth Mentioned in Adhyay 50 of Shri Guru Charitra :

Papa Vinashini Teerth Mentioned in Adhyay 50 of Shri Guru Charitra

Papa Vinashini Teerth at Bidar (Karnataka).

Incidents that took Place here :

1) The King Visits the Teerth on the advise of the Brahmins and takes a Holy Dip here. Also he meets a Sanyasi here who narrates the Story of a Ujjaini Brahmin who was Blessed by Rishabha Muni.

2) Shri Guru on the request of the King visits Bidar and Comes to Papa Vinashini Teerth where Sayamdeos Son Naganath comes to meet Shri Guru and also takes him to his Home for a Samaradhana.

3) Shri Guru returns to the Teerth after the Samaradhana and the King who traveled for a Day from Gangapur meets Shri Guru here and takes him to his Kingdom

For Detailed Explanation (According to Adhyay 50 of Shri Guru Charitra ) , Read on ;

The Papa Vinashini (Papnash) Teerth at Bidar is the Holy Place which was Sanctified by the Visit of Shri Guru Narasimha Saraswati. The Account of Shri Gurus visit to Bidar is as Follows :

We can see in the 9th Adhyay of Shri Guru Charitra that Shripad Shri Vallabha blesses a Rajaka (Washer Man) to be a King in his Next Birth and also assures him that he would meet him as Shri Narasimha Saraswati ( The 2nd Incarnation).

Accordingly he (rajaka) takes birth in the Royal Kingdom of Vidarbha. Due to devotation of previous birth he was kind and pious. He treated all religions and sects equally. Thus the king was ruling impartially. Once he had a tumour on his thigh, Vaidyas and Hakims treated him but to no effect. The King then consulted the Local Brahmins who suggested him to take a bath at the Holy Papa Vinashini Teerth there.
The King accordingly visited the Holy Teerth and had a Holy Dip at the Teerth. There he met a Sanyasi who explained him the Importance of Sadguru Darshan and also quoted him the following Story ;

There lived a Brahmin at Ujjaini who gave up his Brahmin Rites and lived with a Prostitute. But once they Served Rishabha Muni with Devotion. Later on in their old age, both the Brahmin and Pingla died.

The Brahmin took birth as a Son of the Eldest Queen of King Vajrabahu. The Young Queen who was Jealous gave poison to the Eldest Queen Sumati when the Baby was in womb. Both the Mother and Son were affected by erruptions all over the body and the King who failed to treat them ordered that they must be left in the Forest. But to their fortune they met a Pious King who arranged for their Stay. But one day the Child died and when the Mother was weeping bitterly. Rishabha Muni recalling the Brahmins Past Service not only revived him to Life but also cured both of them.

Thus the Sanyasi asked the King to Serve a Saint and said that the King should Visit Shri Guru Narasimha Saraswati at Ganagapur. The King immediately went to Ganagapur and visited Sangam to meet Shri Guru. On seeing him Shri Guru asked " O, Rajak, where have you been so far? I am seeing you after a long period". On this the King at once recalled his Past birth and prostrated before Shri Guru and began to shed tears of love and joy. When he wanted to show the Tumour , he found it was already Cured. He then Pleaded Shri Guru to visit his Place. Shri Guru agreed and said him that he would meet him at Papavinashini in Bidar. Shri Guru disappeared Instantly and reached Papavinashini Teerth where Sayamdeos Son visits and takes Shri Guru to his home for a Samaradhana. Shri Guru then comes back to PapVinashini and the King takes him to his Kingdom. Shri Guru then Visits Goutami and returns to Ganagapur.

A Article about Shivaratri Celebrations at Papa Vinashini / Papnash Shiva Temple at Bidar published in the Newspaper "The Hindu".

Crowd during Shiva Ratri Celebrations at Papa Vinashini Temple

Annual Event : The crowd at the Papanash temple on Mahashivaratri in Bidar on Wednesday.

Bidar: Thousands of devotees came to the Papanash temple fair in Bidar on the occasion of Mahashivaratri on Wednesday.
The faithful began queuing up before the temple beside the historical Papanash lake even before sunrise.

Strains of music :

Varkari teams from Maharashtra who came walking from across the border arrived at sunrise. They were singing ‘Abhangs' and devotional songs all through their journey. They camped in tents around the temple, lit a fire and sat around it to warm themselves.

Pundharik Tandle, who had come from Neelanga in Maharashtra said they walked over 200 km to reach Bidar. “A team of 11 members including women and children left the village on Sunday morning,” he said. He sang Tukaram's popular Marathi Abhang ‘Yacha Sathi Kela Hota Attahas' and Eknath's ‘Kaya Hi Pandhari'. They plan to fast on Wednesday, stay awake through the night singing songs, and leave Bidar after the morning prayers on Thursday. Rindavva Machindar, an old woman who was making tea nearby, said she had been visiting the Papanash temple for 22 years now.

The annual fair held on the mountain in front of the temple was colourful, reminding one of a village fair. The temple trust had allotted space to shopkeepers to put up stalls near the temple. There were vendors of all wares here. Despite most devotees fasting on the day of Mahashivaratri, the food stalls did brisk business. They sold ‘susla,' a local delicacy made from puffed rice. Its rival was the‘mirchi pakoda.' Bakkappa Ramgond sold a unique eatable. He cut slices from the Ram Gadde, a sweet root found in the jungles of Khanapur in Bhalki taluk, and sold them for Rs. 2 a piece. Next to him was the snake-charmer Dhoolappa with his son Akash from Aurad. They had brought three baskets full of snakes that they said were caught near the Papanash Lake and Chitta village. A beggar had turned an empty can of baby food into a musical instrument by fixing it with thin steel wire and bamboo.

The authorities had to work hard to control the crowd. The police barricaded the area and restricted vehicle entry. The Department of Women and Child Development put up a stall to sell materials prepared by women's self help groups (SHGs) in the district. The Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya put up an exhibit of pictures and posters about Lord Shiva.

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