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Datta Jayanti Utsav Celebrations at Shri Kshetra Ganagapur :

Datta Jayanti Celebrations

The Most Celebrated Festival of the Datta Sampradaya “Shri Datta Jayanti” was celebrated with Great Devotion and Enthusiasm at Shri Kshetra Ganagapur. This Occasion particularly attracts a large number of Devotees from all over the Country as Ganagapur is considered to be the headquarter of the Datta Sampradaya. Lord Dattatreya is the 1st Incarnation of the Trinity God viz., Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The Story of Datta Avatar can be seen in the 4th Adhyay of Shri Guru Charitra.

The Datta Jayanti Celebrations at Ganagapur lasted for two days ending on 10/12/2011.

On the First Day (Margashirsha Shuddha Chaturdasi, 09/12/2011), the Cradle Ceremony will be Celebrated in the Nirgun Math (Datta Mandir) Premises at around 12pm. Crowds of Devotees gather in the Temple Premises since Morning to have a Holy Glimpse of Lord Dattatreya. After the Celebrations the Routine Activities are carried on.

Cradle of Lord Datta on 09/12/2011

Crowd of Devotees during the Cradle Ceremony

Cradle during Datta Jayanti

Shri Datta Mahapuja during Datta Jayanti

The Second Day (Margashirsha Pournima, 10/12/2011) is the Day of Rathotsava and the Utsav Murti of Lord Dattatreya mounted on the Rath (chariot) will be taken out in a Procession till the Hanuman Temple at the East of the Nirgun Math and after Performing Mangala Aarti to Lord Hanuman the Rath is taken back to the Nirgun Math.
( The Rathotsav generally takes place in the Evening at around 5.30 but this year the Rathotsav started at around 3pm after which Palakhi Seva was also done within 4.30pm  because of the Khagras Chandra Grahan : 6.15pm-9.48pm )

The Utsav Murti of Lord Datta taken for Procession

Rath reaches Hanuman Temple and Mangala Aarti is offered to Lord Hanuman

Shri Datta Utsav Murti in the Rath

Shri Datta Utsav Murti in the Palakhi

Shri Datta Utsav Murti in the Palakhi (after Rathotsav)

The Celebrations was marked with the Holy Presence of Shri Shri Shankara Bharati Mahaswamiji (the Peethadhisha of Yadathore Sri Yoganandeshwara Saraswathi Math, K.R Nagar ,Mysore), who had been to Ganagapur for a Stay of few days.

Shri Shri Shankara Bharati Mahaswamiji on the 1st Day of Celebrations

Shri Shri Shankara Bharati Mahaswamiji during the 1st Day of Celebrations

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