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Importance of Ananta Vrata (Celebrated on Bhadrapada Shuddha Chaturdashi) explained by Shri Guru Narasimha Saraswati to the Disciple Sayamdeo which can be seen in Adhyay 43 of Shri Guru Charitra :

Adhyay 43 : Shri Guru Explains the Importance of Ananta Vrata to Sayamdeo

The Ananta Vrata is Celebrated every year on the Bhadrapada Shuddha Chaturdashi.

The Significance of Ananta Vrata was explained by Shri Guru to the Disciple Sayamdeo and his Family. Shri Guru Says him that Lord Shri Krishna advised Pandavas to do the Ananta Vrata during their Exile to get back their Kingdom. 

Shri Guru also quotes the Tale which was narrated by Lord Shri Krishna.
Shri Krishna says , Once in the Krita Yuga there lived a Brahmin of Vashishtha Gotra called Sumantu who was married to the Sage Bhrigus daughter Diksha. They had a daughter called Susheele. After some days on the Death of the wife Diksha , the Karma Kriyas of Sumantu stopped because of it and he had to marry with Karkasha. Karkasha always quarreled with them and this dejected Sumantu. Once Koundinya Rishi came there and Sumantu married Susheele with him. Koundinya Rishi stayed there for 2 Masa and soon realized the Conflicts with his wife and Mother in Law and within Some Days he left their home.

On the way the Rishi stopped near a River for Anushthan and Susheele joined the other womens there and Performed Ananta Vrata till her husband returned.

Ananta was Pleased and the Rishi became the Gramadhipati of the Nearby Amaravati Nagar. But once when the two were sitting together Koundinya observed the red string on the wrist of Sushila and asked her whether she is trying to keep him under control using it. Susheele explained the Fact but Koundinya Rishi threw it in fire angrily saying its the Result of his Penance that they had got Prosperity and not because of Ananta.
Lord Ananta became angry and the Rishi lost everything and soon he realized his Mistake and left for the Jungles searching Ananta. Anant was again Pleased with his Devotion and he took him to a Fine City and Showed him his Real Form and Blessed with Prosperity.

Thus the Story was narrated by Lord Shri Krishna to Pandavas and by Shri Guru to Sayamdeo. But Sayamdeo says that Shri Guru himself is Ananta but even then Shri Guru insisted him Saying you must Perform it as Your Gotra is Koundinya only. Sayamdeo Performs the Vrata and also arranges Grand Samaradhana.

Shri Gurudeva Datt !

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