Thursday, August 28, 2014

Railways (Train Names and Timings) to Sri Kshetra Ganagapur from Mumbai

Most Convenient Trains from Mumbai to Gangapur having a Stop at Ganagapur Road (Station Name) are :

  • Udyan Express – 11301 (Departs Mumbai CST at 8:05am and arrives at Ganagapur at 5:43pm)

  • Husainsagar Exp – 12701 (Departs Mumbai CST at 9:50pm and arrives at Ganagapur at 6:48am)

  • Chennai Mail - 11027 (Departs Mumbai CST at 11:45pm and arrives at Ganagapur at 10:46am)

  • Coimbatore Express – 11013 which departs from Kurla Terminus at 10.10 PM & departs from Kalyan 11.15 in the night. It reaches Ganagapur at 8.08 AM on the next day Morning.

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