Thursday, August 28, 2014

How to Reach Sri Dattatreya Temple (Nirgun Math Datta Devasthanam) at Sri Kshetra Gangapur ?

Ganagapur Datta Temple is situated at around 23 kms from 'Ganagapur Road' (Railway Station Name). The Village is also called as Temple Ghangapur, Deval Ganagapur or Ganagapura.  

  • Nearest City is Gulbarga at 40 kms (approx)

  • Distance from Sholapur (Solapur) to Gangapur is around 95 kms (approx)

  • Distance from Hyderabad to Ganagapur is 250 kms (approx) and Road Route is via Humnabad, Kamlapur, Bidar, Gulbarga,Ganagapur

  • Distance from Mumbai to Gangapur is around 530 kms and Route for travelling is Via Pune,Solapur,Akkalkot,Ganagapur

  • Distance from Pune to Ganagapur is around 350 kms (Via Solapur,Akkalkot)

  • Distance from Ahmednagar (Maharashtra) to Ganagapur is around 330 kms (Via Barshi Solapur,Akkalkot)

  • Distance from Bangalore to Ganagapura is around 610 kms and Route for travelling is Via Bellary,Gulbarga,Ganagapur (or can also be via Chitradurga)

  • Distance from Mysore to Ganagapur is around 700 kms (Via Chitradurga)

  • Note: The above mentioned distances are just approx and the actual distance depends upon the Route you choose.