Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Grand Celebration of Gouri Hunvi or Kartika Pournima at Sri Datta Kshetra Ganagapur

The Kartika Pournima is Celebrated because it was on this Day that the Demon Tripura who conquered all the 3 Worlds was Killed by Lord Shiva. And it is Known as Deva-Diwali also.

The Celebration at Sri Kshetra Ganagapur also has an Additional Reason and which can be Seen in the 47th Adhyay of Shri Guru Charitra and is as below :

While Shri Guru was at Ganagapur once during Deepavali Devotees from Nearby Villages came to Math and requested Shri Guru to Visit their Village.But Shri Guru asked them to Mutually decide as to whose place should he Visit, the Disciples started to argue within themselves and thus the Kind Shri Guru decided to Satisfy all and called each of them separately and said that he would Visit him only and that not to say this to anyone. The Day of Dhanatrayodhashi arrived and the Great Compassionate Shri Guru assumed 8 Forms and Visited each of them and also stayed at Ganagapur.
Later during the Kartika Pournima all the Disciples again gathered at the Math for the Occasion of Deeparadhana and each of them Started Saying that Shri Guru Visited  them during Deepavali and started showing the Things they gave to Shri Guru. Thus everyone Realised that Shri Guru assumed 8 Forms to Bless all of them.

This Occasion was Grandly Celebrated by them and this continues to be Celebrated till this Very Day and is One of the Major Festival at Shri Kshetra Ganagapur.

Celebration :  On the First Day the Palakhi of Shri Guru Narasimha Saraswati Maharaj leaves Nirgun Math at around 12pm and is taken to the Bhima-Amarja Sangam with a Single Stop at Vishranti Katta. Devotees are allowed to take the Darshan till 10pm. At around 9pm the Aarti starts and continues for an Hour after which at 10pm the Palakhi leaves Sangam and reaches  Nirgun Math at around 12.30. On the way Bhajans are done in front of the Palakhi. The Palakhi stops at 2 Places for a while i.e Vishranti Katta (The Place where Shri Guru used to Relax) and the Sati Katta (where the Young Lady Savitri from Mahur found her Husband Dead). All through the way after Sati Katta the Womens of the Village offer Aarti to Shri Guru.

On the Second Day, the Pournima Day, the Palakhi leaves Nirgun Math at around 1.30 and is taken to Sangam with a Single Stop at Vishranti Katta. Devotees  are allowed to have Darshan of Shri Guru all the Day.The Day is Marked with its Celebration by the way of Vana Bhojana. The Villagers and Visitors carry their Food Items to Sangam, exchange and partake the food and thus its called "Vana-bhojan". After this at around 8pm the Aarti Starts which continues for 2 Hours and at around 10pm the Palakhi heads back towards Nirgun Math. After the Usual stop at Vishranti Katta, the Palakhi reaches Sati Katta where the Villagers and Visitors take Darshan of the Lord for 2 Hours. The Thrilled Villagers starts Performing Dances and Dandiya (which continues till Morning) and the Palakhi then Slowly heads towards Math. The Villagers Come out in the Mid Night to Offer Aarti to the Lord and then Finally Palakhi reaches Nirgun Math at around 5.30am after which the Daily Routine starts with the Morning Pooja after a break of half an hour.

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