Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Trip (Pilgrimage) to Ganagapur,Akkalkot,Tuljapur and Pandharpur ?

The people visiting ganagapur generally plan for a trip covering the 4 kshetras located nearby viz Sri Datta Kshetra Ganagapur, Sri Swami Samarth Kshetra Akkalkot, Sri Panduranga (Vithhala) Kshetra Pandharpur and Ambabai Kshetra Tuljapur. The Trip (Pilgrimage) to all these 4 Kshetras can be covered in 2 days if travelled in a private Vehicle.Therefore people visiting Ganagapur or any of these kshetras generally plan for a two day trip.

Sri Kshetra Ganagapur is Located at a distance of
- around 40kms from Gulbarga
- around 95kms from Solapur
- around 260kms from Hyderabad
- around 530kms from Mumbai
- around 610kms from Bangalore
- around 680kms from Mysore.

Akkalkot is located at a distance of around 40kms form Solapur.
Tuljapur is located at a distance of around 50kms from Solapur.
Pandharpur is located at a distance of around 75kms from Solapur.

Distance from Shri Kshetra Ganagapur to Akkalkot is around 70kms and akkalkot can be reached by Road or Railways.
Distance between Tuljapur and Pandharpur is around 120kms and has to be reached via Solapur Route.

One may plan the Trip as per your convenience and start up with the any of the 4 Kshetra. But if you are travelling by Train you can book a ticket till Ganagapur Road (Station around 22kms from Temple Ganagapur) and continue with the other 3 Kshetras after Ganagapur.

For any further guidance regarding your trip or to book an accomodation at Ganagapur or to perform Abhishekam (Archane) / Pujas (Sevas) at the Temple , you can contact me at 9035479569 / 9035352133.

Shri Gurudeva Datt !

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